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Donation Opportunities

If you want to donate for a specific need, please mention it while donating. Here are some of the needs you can donate for :

Donation OpportunityCost              
Support of the Patient's Caregiver
Rs. 500/-
One Out-patient visit
Rs. 1000/-
Out-patient/Ward visit for a child
Rs. 1000/-
Infection Control with Personal Protective Equipment
Rs. 1500/-
IV Fluids
Rs. 1500/-
Food and nutrition supplement for a patient for a month
Rs. 2000/-
One Home Care visit for an adult or a Child
Rs. 2000/-
Urinary Catheterisation
Rs. 2000/-
Wound and Bedsore dressing and medicines for one patient
Rs. 2500/-
Blood Transfusion for a child/an adult (1 Unit)
Rs. 3500/-
One Counseling Group Session/Support Group Meeting
Rs. 4000/-
Ascitis Tapping
Rs. 7000/-
Nerve Block (in a Theatre as an Out-patient medical procedure)
Rs. 10000/-
Geriatric Care for one patient for a month
Rs. 10000/-
Day care per person for a month
Rs. 10000/-
Care for a patient for a month in memory of a loved one, including Medicines, nursing care,etc
Rs. 10000/-
Training 25 Volunteers including food, manuals, Tutor travel, etc
Rs. 10000/-
Rural Mobile Hospice Outreach camp, including generator, medicines, etc., per day
Rs. 15000/-
Corpus Fund
Rs. 5000/-
General Fund
Rs. 600/-
Building Fund at Rs 3000/- per sq.ft. including hospice equipment